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Our Service

  • We have two Omax Waterjet Machining Centers, which are ideal for profile cutting an extensive range of materials, getting the maximum material yield with minimal waste.

  • These have a maximum cutting envelope of 2500mm x 1250mm, with a standard tolerance of                +/- 0.127mm and a positional accuracy of 0.025mm.

  • Virtually burr free, with no induced stresses and free from heat affected zones.

  • Selection of cut finishes to optimize costs, which can be variable within the part.

  • Ability to cut small holes in thick materials.

  • Materials up to approximately 250mm thick can easily be accommodated.

  • Confidently offer a reliable (delamination free) composite cutting service of Carbon Fibre, Tufnol, FR4, G10, etc.

  • Utilise most CAD formats .dxf .dwg .ai files etc, scanned images and paper drawings if all dimensions are provided.

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